Divonne WINS 
Artist/Song Writer

Texas born Nebraska raised Divonne Wins has always been to himself growing up. He found his passion for music as a form of coping & getting through the issues of his young life. The now 27 year old artist openly shares his realities, shortcomings, & triumphs through his lyrics. Wins dedicates himself to sharing his imperfection & discoveries of hope through faith with the goal of bringing that same hope to others.

Becoming one-third of the artist collective BORN two years ago through a series of unplanned events, the group shares a lot of the same goals & hope. Originally just making music to overcome a challenging time in his life in 2013, Wins contributions to BORNs first project were strictly to vent & unknowingly would become a future bond. Now, as a functioning member of the collective of BORN he is grateful to see where their growth & message will effect the world.