Artist/Song Writer

Branded, a Michigan native rapper, was born Brandon on a cold December 1st in Midland Michigan. After that his family bounced around a lot moving from Midland, to Phoenix Arizona, and then back to Michigan. His parents divorced when he was six leaving him to be raised by a single mother. Although it was a broken home that struggled with alcohol,  anger issues and abuse, Brandon was raised in church. For many years he wrestled with his relationship with God. Between wanting to be close with Him, but also blaming Him for his family's circumstances, this internal conflict led to fits of depression and excessive partying. It wasn't until Brandon hit rock bottom that he truly surrendered his life to our Lord Jesus.

Today, he enjoys the freedom found in forgiveness and fights to spread the gospel of grace. Along with his 2 brothers in Christ,  Branded has been called to the movement known as BORN. And Born is just getting started.