About Us

Treble Clef Records was founded in 2005 by Aland "Stiggdy" Stamps and Henna Garrett. The record company started out as a rap label. It's first release was Playa's Ball Vol 1. (2006). The release was a joint effort with Empire Records (of South Carolina) and included songs featuring Lil Flip, Royce Tha 5-9, and Proof (of D-12). The album was promoted and sold locally out of the trucks of Stiggidy and Henna's car but never made it much further than the tri-city area. In 2008, Henna and Stiggidy parted ways as business partners. Henna handed his interest of the business over to Stiggidy. The business closed, but then restructured and reopened in 2012. Stiggidy dedicated Treble Clef Records to the work of God and vowed to only sign artist and release music that would encourage the betterment and empowerment of the listeners. Treble Clef Records believes that we are to lead by example. Our staff and artist live the lives in which they speak. We believe God to be our source of power and of love. We choose to speak life and not death into our listening family.

We believe that the power of our testimony is what brings people to repentance and helps create a better world around us. We promote unity among believers and we encourage believers to share what God has done for them. Our music speaks real life and real life struggles, but at the same time our music offers positive solutions.  Our music is for those who are hurting and those who feel they have no hope, as well as to encourage others to keep loving and reaching. Treble Clef Records is not a rap label, a rock label, or an opera label. Our company is a music label that promotes any and all genres that promote positivity and speaks life into the listener.